Nowe Integracje was established in 2002 as a division of the training company Nowe Motywacje.

We specialize in organizing employee events. We coordinate activities like team-building meetings, HR events, personal development workshops and CSR projects.

We cooperate with Polish and international groups. We offer our customers a wealth of experience, tried and tested scenarios, creativity, flexibility, speed, effectiveness and a friendly atmosphere.

We can also develop completely new projects and much more!


We have one basic principle: to exceed expectations. This principle has always worked for us. We are committed to the project, have an eye for detail and do everything in our power to keep our customers happy. This attitude means that have cooperated with some of our customers for many years now, and they keep coming back for more.


We take full responsibility for the success of our events. We develop the concept, we find an appropriate venue, decide on the schedule and the menu, plan the programme, pick the attractions and coordinate our subcontractors. Everything is organized to perfection. Our customers only need to do one thing—show up.


Almost everything is possible. It’s just a matter of our experience, determination and, of course, the budget. We are proud to have organized many original events. We are keen to take on new challenges that stretch our creativity and test our organizational efficiency.